Doc Swabs: Dr. Buzzkill Cotton Swabs - 30 Count Travel Pack

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Dab Swabs: Dr. Buzzkill Cotton Swabs - 30 Count Travel Pack

Discover the high-quality Dab Swabs by Dr. Buzzkill, meticulously designed for efficient cleaning. These swabs boast a dual design with a pointed tip for precision in tight spaces of your quartz banger, and a rounded end featuring ultra-absorbent cotton, ensuring a residue-free clean.

They come in a clear, durable container with an easy-to-use lid, containing 30 swabs for travel cleaning ease. Perfectly complementing our iso stations, they offer convenient access during use, keeping your preferred cleaning solution within reach.

Made with 100% organic cotton and strong bamboo stems, these swabs are ideal for cleaning glass pieces or quartz bangers. Their sturdy stems prevent breakage and promote environmental sustainability, as both materials are biodegradable. Enjoy effortless and eco-friendly cleaning with these effective cleaning buds from Dr. Buzzkill!Dr. Buzzkill's Dab Swabs also known as Doc Swabs are the ultimate solution for your Quartz Banger upkeep, ensuring a pristine quartz banger even while you're on the move.

Crafted from 100% Pure Cotton and Bamboo, these swabs boast sturdy bamboo sticks making them super reliable! Packaged in a portable case, these Dr. Buzzkill Dab Swabs Travel Pack is perfect for on the go use, effortlessly fitting into your pocket, backpack, or rig case for convenience!

Overheating your quartz banger with left over residue leads to a cloudy appearance, affecting taste and durability. Regular cleaning is vital, even after low-temperature dabs, to prevent buildup that impacts both the banger's lifespan and flavor.

Dr. Buzzkills Doc Swabs excel in precision cleaning, reaching challenging areas with their pointed tips and maneuverability due to their sturdy bamboo sticks. Regular use of these dab swabs after sessions significantly extends your banger's lifespan!


  • 100% Pure Cotton
  • Bamboo Stick
  • 30 Count


  • One Rounded Extra Absorbent End & One Pointed End for Cleaning 
  • Plastic Hinged Tub
  • Durable Bamboo Stem


  • 1 x Dab Swabs: Dr. Buzzkill Cotton Swabs - 30 Count Travel Pack

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