GreensKeeper: GreenKeeper Fresh-Puff Travel Tobacco Pipe Kit

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The Relegated Renegades are proud to introduce to you the latest addition to our ever-growing family...

From his mind to your pocket, the GreensKeeper's timeless invention is now yours to enjoy! 

Using fresh puff technology the GreenKeeper ensures a smooth, super fresh and seamless experience wherever you go!

 Simply unscrew the honeycomb cap, load with your favorite flower, screw the honeycomb cap back on, light and enjoy!

After each puff  press on the retractable mouthpiece to ash the pipe, leaving only fresh flower!

How to Properly Load: 

Unscrew Honeycomb Cap.
Load Chamber with Loose Leaf.
Screw Honeycomb Cap back on.
Hold lit lighter to honeycomb end, while holding the mouthpiece in mouth, inhale.
Press on mouthpiece to engage fresh puff technology, removing remaining ash , leaving only fresh leaves. 
How to Properly Clean:

After use, wait for device to cool.
Disassemble device by unscrewing each piece.
Use cleaning pin to remove clogs.
Soak in isopropyl alcohol, brush all portions.
Rinse with hot water.
Dry each piece before reassembling.

 Volume: 1 Gram capacity, mega volume for dry herb.
Material: eco-friendly aluminum, very light and portable.
Surfacing: Top Grade Anodic Hard Oxide
Skeleton Design: Durable, easy to assemble, easy to clean.
Retractable Ergonomic mouthpiece design: Press to remove ash after each burn.
Windows: Watch while it burns!
Mouthpiece: Flat mouthpiece, Ergonomic design.
Developed by the Relegated Renegades in the VapeBrat LaBRATory. ‚Äč

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