Lookah Seahorse Pro Water Bubbler Mouthpiece Pro & Pro Plus

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Lookah Seahorse Pro Water Bubbler Mouthpiece  Pro & Pro Plus

The Seahorse Pro Plus Accessories Kit by Lookah comes with a glass water bubbler mouthpiece, allowing for water-fill capabilities for even the most intense draws. Such water bubblers are renowned for delivering smoother, lighter inhalations, eliminating the potential harshness associated with concentrates. While the Seahorse Pro Plus was originally crafted for use without water, you now have the flexibility to opt for a water-enhanced experience!

Constructed from borosilicate glass, the Seahorse Pro Plus Glass Mouthpiece is effortlessly cleanable. Simply place it in a bag with a cleaning solution, give it a shake, let it dry, and it's ready for use again!

  • Glass Height : 3.5"
  • Glass Material: Borosilicate


  • Water Filtration Option without the Use of a Hose
  • Smoother, Less Harsh Inhales 


  • Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus Glass Water Bubbler Mouthpiece

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