Pink Iso Station: Ami by Preppy La' Peui

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Pink Iso Station - Preppy La' Peui 

The essential pink dabbing accessory to cater to all your dab cleaning necessities. The Preppy La Peui Pink Iso Jar Dab Station boasts a dual storage for cotton swabs and isopropyl, streamlining your cleaning process after each use. Conveniently care for your Preppy La Peui Quartz Bangers, Dab Inserts, Dab Tools, and beyond! Ensure optimal flavors and experiences with a pristine dabbing surface on every occasion.


  • Made out of Glass
  • Slots for:
    • Cotton Swabs
    • Isopropyl Alcohol


  • Contains All Dab Cleaning Accessories In One Place 
  • Storage Glass Dab Station
  • Sturdy Flat Bottom 
  • Quick Cleaning Station 


  • 1 x ISO Station Glass Dab Station: Pink - Preppy La' Peui 

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