VapeBrat X2 Universal Water Bubbler & Nectar Collector Kit

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The VapeBrat X2. Water Bubbler Vape Pen Attachment is a premier water bubbler paired with a Silicone adapter, it fits 99.9% of Vape Pens on the market. Made with percolator for smoother hits. 

The Titanium Nail can burn your concentrates at ideal temperature for a hit that is comparable to a dab rig.

-Comes with Silicone Adapter

-Spill Proof Glass Attachment 

-Ideal for concentrates

-Hand blown glass

-Optimal airflow

-Made with percolator


Kit Contents :

* VapeBrat X2 Water Bubbler

* Dab Tool

* VapeBrat Silicone Jar

* VapeBrat Zipper Travel Case

* Premium Zengaz Torch Lighter

* Silicone Attachment for Bubbler


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