Vortex Spinner Carb Cap: Clear Bell 30mm

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Vortex Spinner Carb Cap: Clear Bell 30mm

The Vortex Spinner Carb Cap features a new and improved insertable bottom that is wider than the standard version. The wider bottom helps to keep your carb cap in place on top of your quartz banger. It is able to slide around enough for functionality purposes but not enough to fall off the top of your banger. This is incredibly useful for those who aren't particularly stable after taking a dab...*cough cough*

This bell style shaped cap makes it a match for flat top bangers while bubble carb caps are better with beveled top bangers. The Vortex spinner Carb Cap is made to fit 30mm diameter quartz bangers with a top diameter 32mm and a bottom diameter of 24mm. 

Terp Pearls or Terp Spinners are the ideal dab inserts to pair with a spinner carb cap because of the spinning airflow this carb cap provides. The slanted airpaths at the bottom of this carb caps are specifically places to direct airflow in a circle. This spinning motion directs your dab along with your inserts across the bottom of your banger. This evenly vaporizes your concentrates for full milky white clouds with minimal waste!


  • Height: 44mm
  • Insertable Diameter: 24mm
  • Outer Diameter: 32mm


  • Spinning Airflow for Dab Inserts
  • More Evenly Heated Dabs 
  • Full Vaporized Rips with Minimal Waste


  • 1 x Vortex Spinner Carb Cap: Clear Bell 30mm

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